Victoria Park classes

The Victoria Park class schedule offers a wide range of innovative, fun and inspiring classes for participants at all levels. Check our schedule (see Quicklinks download link at the upper right corner of the website) for our exciting class options.


Victoria Park group classes are held on the third floor barns, ground floor studios and during our short Montreal summer, outside in our beautiful neighborhood of Westmount!

Yes, you read it correctly; we built two freestanding ‘barns’ inside the Victoria Park Health Club! Erected using refurbished barn-wood claimed from a genuine old Quebec farm, these two intimate spaces take you away from the noisy, busy city, and make your class experience a true get-away from the every day.

The Energy Barn is dedicated to high-energetic and intense cardio practices like TRX, Iron Body, Bodylicious, BootCamp and much more.

The Spin Barn is surrounded by a moat of river rocks and lights to create a sacred space for you to spin to the beat of our pumped-up music. Sweating it out, never felt so serene.

The Barefoot Studio was redesigned for fall 2011 in our new 800-foot yoga studio in our ground floor barn. With its high ceilings and large windows, the studio is fitting home for Victoria Park's leading instructors for mind-body spirit classes such as of Xtend Barre, revKor, Yoga, Pilates and Detox classes to soothe your mind, body and soul.

As well, separate studios for private, duo, and group reformer sessions in our growing Pilates program are all now located in the ground floor studios.

Between the Barns and Studios, Victoria Park offers more than 80 classes per week, and keeps adding! Led by the best teachers in the city, our class curriculum offers members and their guests the most dynamic and transformative practices available. Feel free to download the class schedule or call the Health Club for more information.



BeatSpin classes have an immersive style focused more on the beat of the music than on traditional RPM and power while adding more choreography and full body exercises. In addition, we have updated the Spin Barn’s sound system and lighting to create an incredibly immersive workout experience that will leave you exhilarated while giving it your all.


Get an energizing cardio workout while also toning your abs! BeatSpin and Abs will incorporate spinning with core-strengthening exercises. The class has an immersive style focused more on the beat of the music than on traditional RPM and power while adding more choreography and full body exercises. In addition, we have updated the Spin Barn’s sound system and lighting to create an incredibly immersive workout experience that will leave you exhilarated while giving it your all.


After rocking out to cycling jams, downshifting into yoga mode feels just right, and the poses lengthen all those places you get tight cycling. Standing poses like warrior one and two, along with the side angle pose, open the hips, often overworked in biking. Seated twist and pigeon poses stretch out the glutes and piriformis, which helps keep the lower back and knees happy after time in the saddle. You work yourself out, then stretch yourself out. Indoor cycling and yoga are perfect fitness complement.


Get a fun cardio workout and tone your whole body all in one hour! BeatSpin and Sculpt consists of 30 minutes of spinning along with 30 minutes of total-body toning exercises using resistance training, free weights, and your own body weight. The class has an immersive style focused more on the beat of the music than on traditional RPM and power while adding more choreography and full body exercises. In addition, we have updated the Spin Barn’s sound system and lighting to create an incredibly immersive workout experience that will leave you exhilarated while giving it your all.


A general spinning class - Victoria Park style. Great music, high energy, and the smooth ride of our Keiser M3 bikes with digital readout for gearing, RPM, heart rate, and power.


Get an adrenaline rush and pump up your muscles in this class that combines indoor cycling drills with total body resistance training. Get a balanced strength and cardio workout. Designed for all fitness levels.



Consisting of intense interval training, this 30 minute routine will increase your metabolic level for the rest of the day and will work your to its maximum capacity. Train like a PRO.


Completing this class will leave you feeling strong, empowered, and rejuvenated. Expect a challenging yet fun routine that will give you great cardio while also toning and strengthening your full body! Iron Body is not your typical cardio workout: The class uses a method called Interval Training, in which you'll combine cardio and plyometric drills with intervals of strength, power, resistance, and core training. The routine consists of long bursts of maximum-intensity exercises with short periods of rest and non-stop hits, keeping you moving and grooving throughout the entire process.


Dance like nobody’s watching! This is a fun Hip Hop Cardio Fitness Class, created by Drea, incorporating a fat burning, super-fun, easy-to-follow routine with moves and music straight from the hottest videos. While the class will tone and strengthen your entire body, it is especially great for shaping the butt and legs.


This class will keep you on the move from the moment it begins as you move from station to station performing basic, but intense training drills.


This class enables students to learn boxing technique first. The approach is simple:  Learn to throw the basic punches, incorporate movement with punches, add the 3 sections of defense, and add ring movement. In the process, you’ll gain strength, speed, hand-eye coordination and endurance.  Every student is different.  Some are faster, others are stronger and some have tremendous defense. We will find your strength and help you excel to the next level.


This class is designed to tone and put your body to the test. In the process you will gain a better understanding of proper form. It will also allow you to get to know your body's strengths by only performing exercises that require no equipment.


Improve your posture, core strength and flexibility by incorporating intense stretching techniques and a whole body workout that focuses on the abdominals, neck and back muscles.


Tone and tighten up all your muscles through conditioning exercises that include the use of dumbbells, body bars and other equipment. Great for all levels.


Train with the equipment designed for Navy Seals. The TRX is a suspension training method using leveraged bodyweight exercises designed to build power, strength, flexibility, balance and mobility.


Develop strength, endurance, balance and core stability with the TRX, a suspension training system designed to work every muscle in your body. This class is designed for all fitness levels.


We've all heard the news: overweight and obese teenagers are tipping the scales at an alarming rate and 93% of youth are not meeting Canada's physical activity guidelines. However if teens exercise consistently, they will feel better and will be better equipped to deal with the stress of everyday life. The Vic Girls program offers this and so much more for our teen girls. The total strength and cardio conditioning program will fire up all the major muscle groups for a total body workout. The program includes Bodylicious, BootCamp, and BeatSpin: a variety of classes to give a great challenge and maximize results for the girls.



A barre-based workout that incorporates small isometric movements with intervals that will transform your body. Each class is designed with mindful movements which include cardio, strength, flexibility and recovery all with the ballet barre. You will be challenged with an empowering workout that will leave you invigorated.

Cardio Jump Barre

Cardio Jump Barre is the ideal fitness class to efficiently condition your cardiovascular muscular and skeletal system. It's the only form of exercise that targets your lymphatic system, detoxing while you jump! As part of the popular Barre series, Cardio Jump Barre also uses JumpSport trampolines, light weights and elastics with added cardio intervals. Get long lean and strong with this innovative and fun class. Your joints will thank you!

Barre Circuit

This class will rev up your metabolism by bringing all your favourite moves at the barre with intervals on trampoline.  You will sculpt and tone your muscles with cardio challenging intervals and stations that will focus on strength, flexibility, balance.This class is designed to add to your barre program so you do not plateau. Get ready to sweat!


Barrelates is a core-focused fusion of BodyBarre and Pilates.  Expect to create long lines with challenging abdominal sequences sprinkled throughout all your integral BodyBarre moves. Barrelates will exclusively use the Pilates stick and straps with a maximum of 8 people per class.


Basic Yoga Flow
In this class you’ll learn everything you need to start a yoga practice if you’re new. If you already practice yoga, this class is incredible as well because it gives you a chance to slow things down, refine your alignment and increase your understanding of the postures. The teacher will be with you each step of the way to adjust your alignment and help you find ways to modify the postures so they are safe as well as challenging.
Morning Yoga Flow
This is an all levels class that starts off gently to warm up your spine, bring mobility into your joints and length into your muscles. After the opening postures, the flow becomes dynamic; expect Sun Salutations, Warriors and standing postures. Some backbends, twists and closing postures will leave you energized yet grounded and ready to take on the day.
All Levels Yoga Flow
This practice is accessible for the new practitioner and satisfying for the experienced yogi. A well-rounded sequence that will change a little each class to keep you learning and trying new things. It is a flow class, so the emphasis is on linking movement and breath and creating a mind-body connection. The teacher will offer ways to modify postures as well and make the practice more advanced.
Creative Yoga Flow
Our incredible team of yoga teachers at Vic Park will share their personal practice and sequences with you in this class. Expect to get sweaty and have fun doing it. Sun Salutations and standing poses might get blended together in new ways and you’ll have a chance to work on some arm balances and maybe an inversion or two. Not a beginner class, but doable for a beginner with an athletic background and willingness to modify for any injuries or limits in their mobility or strength.
Core Yoga Flow
All core!!!! Ok, not all core, but expect many plank variations and great abdominal sequences to build deep core strength. All this core work mixed into a yoga flow will challenge you and take you to the next level in your yoga practice as well as help build your overall fitness. The practice will also include some backbends and relaxing closing postures to leave your abs tingly and your heart warm.
Yoga Flow + Deep Stretch
A yang/ yin yoga practice that begins with a dynamic flow to bring your heart rate up and ends with some long holds of some deep stretches in the yin yoga style. A great compliment to your other workouts, this class will lengthen you out and release tension in your shoulders, spine, hips and legs. This class is suitable for all levels.
Power Yoga Flow
Our most advanced class, this practice is modeled after the Baptiste Power Yoga tradition. Modifications are given, so it is accessible for beginners and intermediates as well as being a great challenge for advanced students. Dynamic flow, core, backbends, hip openers: everything is fair game in this class and you’ll get a little bit of everything making your savasana (resting pose at the end of class) a well-deserved reward.


Experience Victoria Park's Pilates Signature Group Reformer Classes!
For those of you who want a workout on the Reformer that will take their practice and body to the next level - these classes are for you!  Our signature classes will give you dramatic results while providing more fun than you ever remembered having in a Pilates class.  Our classes will take you to a whole new level with a combination of Reformer training and high energy music.  Reshape your entire body by incorporating high-energy, low-impact exercises targeting core, arms, thighs, seat and back.   The result will be a body that is strong, lean, realigned and rebalanced.  You will sweat and burn more calories.  You will be guided by our certified instructors who will provide undivided attention to each client.  Maximum of 5 people per class.  All levels are welcome but are specified with each individual class description. 
Class description and level
Vic Pilates Pure (Open Level)
This is our signature traditional Reformer class back to it's foundation. This class is perfect if you starting your Pilates journey.  The focus of the class is on breath, form, alignment, balance and core.  This is a full body workout.
Vic Pilates Strength (Mixed Level)
This is our signature Reformer class, taking it to a whole new level.  This class combines traditional Pilates with strength training work.  We will allow for more variations and quicker transitions that will sculpt and tone long lean muscles.  This is a fast-paced workout that will build endurance, stamina, balance and core strength.
Vic Pilates 30/30 (Mixed Level)
This class combines our favourite two methods: Pilates and BodyBarre MVMNT.  This class is perfect for anyone who wants to mix up their routine and try a new method.  The best of both worlds leaving you challenged for just the right amount of time. 30 minutes on the Reformer plus 30 minutes at the barre.
Vic Pilates Precision (Mixed Level)
Technique is the focus of this class. Emphasis is on form, alignment and the connection of body and mind.  This class will help deepen your practice and build a stronger core.  You will develop a better understanding of deep connections along with injury prevention during this intense workout.  
Vic Pilates Power (Advanced Level)*
This is our most advanced Reformer class for the experienced student who would like to take their workout to the extreme.  You will be put to the test with advanced sequencing, higher resistance, intervals and balance challenges.  This class will leave you and your muscles shaking by revving up your metabolism.  If you like a challenge this workout is for you.  

*Mandatory referral required by instructor


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