Health programming
for optimal results

At Victoria Park, we have designed our signature programs with real, sustainable and lasting results in mind. With any good program, it starts with the will to change. Check out some of our programming initiatives and tips to help keep you focused on your objectives. Click on the links to the left to get the details on our Yoga and Pilates Programs.

Semi-Private Training & Circuits

Want all the benefits of personal training, but with less impact on your budget? Join a partner, or two, in a Semi-Private Training Session or join our signature Group Circuits. Led by one of our trainers, Group Circuits have a maximum of six participants. Try one! You just might find yourself training next to one of the professional athletes who call Victoria Park home.

Therapeutic Training


Gravity Circuits

Gravity Circuits are 60-minute training sessions for small groups of three to five participants focusing on the use of the Gravity machine which uses your own bodyweight as resistance so that each participant gets a workout to their optimal fitness level. 

Motion360 Circuits 

Motion360 Circuits are 60-minute training sessions for small groups of three to five participants using a combination of advanced cable equipment and related props for a choreographed, full body workout.   Due to the Motion360's advanced movements, participants must be approved before joining classes by registering for a small group training session with her which occur throughout the week.  

Personal Training

You won’t find any rep-counters here! All Victoria Park personal trainers are leaders in their field and will train you in new and creative ways to help you reach your goals, no matter how distant.

All the health and wellness professionals at Victoria Park have been hand-picked not only for their reputation, expertise and experience, but also for their warm and unpretentious personalities. We searched long and hard to find experts our guests would actually enjoy spending time with. All our teachers and trainers are held to the highest industry standards, have extraordinary credentials and talents, and on average have between 10 to 35 years of experience.

And don’t worry about having to wait for your piece of equipment while you are on the clock with your trainer; Victoria Park has a dedicated Sports Performance Centre area, with specialized equipment, only for use with your trainer.

ProFit Circuits

Train like the Pros and get in the best shape of your life. In only 30-minutes. A ProFit Circuit is the most intense thirty-minute workout you can handle. These specialized circuits were designed by Paul Gagné and used to train professional athletes from Martin Havlat to Marc-Andre Fleury. The ProFit Circuit consists of a series of intense intervals, set in a specific order, on specialized training equipment. The thirty-minute circuit will raise your metabolic level for the rest of the day. For those with the stamina, 60 minute ProFit Circuits are offered on weekends. ProFit Circuits are designed specifically for athletes and serious amateurs who take training as seriously as we do*. They are meant to push you to the next level of “being in shape”. Check out the Group Fitness Schedule (page 2) for all the different circuits offered each week.

*Since this is serious training and we prioritize your safety, those that want to participate need to be cleared first by a Victoria Park Trainer during a training session or Fitness Strategy Consultation.

Pilates on the reformer

Pilates on the Reformer is the exercise of choice for dancers, gymnasts, and a host of fitness enthusiasts including Victoria Park members. The spring-loaded reformer yields longer and leaner muscles through hundreds of fun and invigorating stretching and strengthening exercises. The resistance exercises possible on the reformer help your body while being kind, the impact is minimal.

Pilates can be taught to meet your unique needs. From a high intensity Group Session (max 5 participants) to a Solo Therapeutic session that corrects your posture, our instructors are trained to give you the workout you want and your body needs. With our experienced team and spacious studios fitted with the latest equipment, we make sure that your session is as unique as you are. Click here to read more about the Victoria Park Pilates Program.

Total Body Transformation (TBT) Program

Our Total Body Transformation (TBT) Program is the most effective way to kick start a lasting change in your health and in the way you look

The Victoria Park TBT program is based on the idea that effective, quick and lasting body change requires a multi- pronged approach. Our TBT program includes the following:

A personalized private training regimen: Enjoy a fitness experience customized to meet your specific health and esthetic objectives at the Victoria Park Health Club.

A Body Contouring Treatment at the Victoria Park Medispa: Through the use of the most advanced laser treatments, our body contouring program works to shed inches from target areas and tighten skin, all in the most comfortable Medispa environment in the city.

A nutritional assessment: We believe in healthy, sustainable diets that will last over time.

Coordination: Let us handle all the arrangements. We make the program simple, fun and effective. All you have to do is show up and enjoy the ride.

Boxing Program

Join professional boxers and expert MMA fighters in the Victoria Park Ring. Led by Montreal’s own Thai boxing expert, Stephane Desparois Victoria Park offers boxing and MMA (mixed martial arts) circuits, found on our Group Fitness Schedule. You can also enter the Ring for a semi or private session and have it tailored to your needs. Either way, fight for your fitness while having a blast with our energetic team.

Postural Assessments and Reprogramming

A wise man once said that you are only as young as your spine. Good alignment creates great athletic performance, while poor alignment predisposes you to future pain and injury.

Have you developed poor posture or been injured so long your posture has shifted?

Do you have aches and pains unrelated to any obvious physical trauma?

Are you underperforming in a particular sport?

Do you have pain that keeps coming back, despite regular therapy?

Don't treat the symptoms, treat the cause. Posturology is the fine art of prevention and optimization. By examining your eyes, your feet and all the structures in between, SPC's certified Posturologists will assess the cause of the problem and provide corrective exercises to dramatically improve your alignment, your sport's performance as well as reduce pain and prevent future injuries.

SPC - Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Recovery Training Clinic

Don’t let injuries, aches and pains keep you from living your best life.
At Victoria Park, your personal trainer works hand in hand with a team of rehabilitation experts to make sure you are getting healthier, stronger and more flexible as you exercise.
Victoria Park’s full-service sport rehabilitation clinic, run by SPC (the Sports Performance Centre) features skilled specialists in:

  • Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.)
  • Athletic Therapy
  • Osteopathy (Somatherapy)
  • Podiatry
  • Chronic Pain Care
  • Pre-surgical Rehabilitation and Post-operative Recovery
  • Rehabilitation Training
  • Medical Consultations and Referrals
  • Posturology
  • Injured Victoria Park members benefit from an expedited referral to SPC should any problem be uncovered during their Fitness Assessment. 


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