Training Tips

A good training plan should include elements from each of the following categories:

cardiovascular training, resistance training, flexibility, alignment, mind-body connectivity, and play. More than anything, you should enjoy your program and the people you train with – this is the key to making your wellness sustainable.

Did you know 1 lb of muscle burns the equivalent of up to 8lbs of fat per year? For expert help in putting on the muscle tone you need, ask one of Victoria Park's elite Personal Trainers.

What to eat before your early morning workout?

It may not matter, consider that food takes up to 8 hours to be transformed into glycogen (blood sugar) – so what you eat the night before will have more impact on your early morning workouts than your breakfast will.

Avoid one of the most common training mistakes: over-training.

Train hard, often and long and don't see results? You could be a victim of bad training strategy. Ask a personal trainer to get you back on track, fast, and make the most of your time in the gym.

Whatever you objective – your training program should be producing noticeable results within 6 weeks. If you aren’t seeing what you were expecting, get you workout plan reviewed by one of our Certified Personal Trainers.

Don’t let an injury get you down.

Hurt, sore or have chronic pain when you train? Tell your trainer so they can immediately modify your exercise, and then make an appointment to see one of our rehabilitation specialists at our SPC clinic on site. They may be able to help you resolve your injury for good, and give you great advice on how you can train while you are recovering.

Trained hard yesterday and feel too sore to train today?

Hitting a cardio machine for about ten minutes will help remove all the residual lactic acid and get you back on your feet instantly. Still sore? Hit the thermal circuit: 10 minutes in the sauna followed by 1 minute in the ice shower, repeated up to 6 times will greatly expedite exercise recovery.

Recovery is tough for you in general? You may need to increase your hydration and improve your nutrition. Additionally, some of our clients find that scheduling massages after work-outs is a great way to recover.


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